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Every booboo needs a little hug, so we created Hug-a-BooBoo bandages. Our adorable animal characters all have outstretched arms, just waiting to give a gentle reassuring hug. Hug-a-BooBoo's unique shape and expressions will comfort and delight, all while providing the very best in wound care.

How It All Began...

One day, little 3yr old Mia got a booboo. Her dad tried to comfort her, but when it came to applying a bandage, Mia just wouldn't have it. He realized something more was needed. Something special. He thought, "what makes a new booboo feel better more than anything?" The answer was clear...a hug!

Drawing inspiration from Mia's precious stuffed animals, he began a journey to create "the most comforting kid's bandage ever!"

Hug-a-BooBoo was born!

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Sure They're Cute. But That's Not All!
Hug-a-BooBoo.  Mom giving a hug.  Mom's love.  Boo boo
Character bandage with extra padding.  Superior comfort and protection.

Hug-a-BooBoo bandages have small amounts of extra padding in the "arms" of the characters, offering extra protection to the surrounding areas of the wound.

This patent-pending feature, called "Peripheral Wound Area Protection" (PWAP), provides an extra level of comfort, protection and reassurance.

Hug-a-BooBoo padding is also a whopping 18% thicker than the average child's bandage.

The result we feel, is the BEST children's bandage ever!

Why Choose Hug-a-Boo-Boo?
Our Story
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